Celebrating the spirit of women with Ritu Batta

Celebrating the spirit of women with Ritu Batta

MangoBunch celebrates, rejoices, inspires and drives every woman to be the most awesome she can be. In this feature we interview Ritu on women empowerment and her stories. Here’s what she has to say.

What have been the high points in your career?

TRAVELOGUE… the 2nd oldest travel agency in Noida started in 1993

  • Starting my own business with only the belief in my knowledge about the industry and near zero funds was the first high point in my career.
  • Establishing that business to the extent where it could reinforce family income was the 2nd high point in my career.
  • Building our own 4 storey office building from scratch was another high point.
  • This is besides the innumerable, exhilarating testimonials that I receive from the happy customers in my professional journey.

Am looking forward to the next high of an innovative online travel solution very soon.

Do you idolise any woman?

I Idolise Oprah Winfrey – a self made woman who dared to dream big and make a mark for herself in this world.

Do you feel it’s difficult to keep our culture alive in modern era?

If you are a strong woman who believes in the value of culture, I don’t think it is difficult to maintain our culture in any age and stage.Your core values should remain strong as you adapt yourself to the new change that happens everyday as you progress along.Being the roots and stem of family life the responsibility of preserving the culture and passing the baton to the children is a prime responsibility of the woman.

One thing you want to change about woman and what’s your message to youth women?

We as woman do fight for equality but whenever we get a chance we use ” being woman” as an excuse to use certain priviliges. Stand shoulder to shoulder with men and prove your worth equal to men and not being merely a weaker sex, because indeed we are the stronger sex.

Please share one such story which you think has brought changes in your life.

Perceptible, tangible change overtook me when I, for the first time, realised how much inner strength I had, to face the challenges of corruption and nepotism in this country, which even menfolk let pass.

From a traffic policeman on the road who was trying to fleece me on flimsy grounds, to an electricity department which was hell bent upon under the table gratification for licensing a connection for my office building, to the most dreaded Income Tax Department which held on to my legitimate refunds for 10 years, I fought through them all without paying a penny. The journey continues till date when the road in front of the office had to be relaid, but the concerned officials develop a thick skin about it. All this realisation and learning has made me into a responsible and determined citizen fighting for her rights day in and day out